Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the UK


Ever wondered what cities are the most expensive to live in? The cost of living in the UK is still continuing to rise as most places are steadily creeping up.

Check out the top ten most expensive cities in the UK.


Located in the heart of England, Westminster properties cost roughly 7,500 euros per square on average. The properties are typically 71 square meters, making homes the tiniest in the country on average. Westminster is rich in culture and history as the town is filled with historical landmarks including the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, and Buckingham Palace.

Chelsea and Kensington

Famous for reality hit-TV shows like Made in Chelsea, the London borough of Chelsea and Kensington has the highest rates of costs in properties in the UK and even around the world. In fact, homes in Kensington and Chelsea make up for a quarter of houses sold in the entire UK over 1 million euros. The famous Natural History Museum is also located on the same street of the Science Museum and the V&A.


As home to Her Majesty the Queen and Sir Elton John, Windsor’s population is barely 25,000 people with more millionaires to count. The historic market town is known for the Windsor Castle, one of the official residences of the British Royal Family.


As properties cost at least ten times more than the annual average earnings, Oxford is rich in scenery and historical culture. The average cost of a home costs nearly 15 times more than the city’s average salary. In average, an Oxford house costs approximately 341,000 euros. The affordability problem wasn’t helped by the fact that the town council hesitated to build affordable units.


Known as the County Palatine of Chester, Cheshire is a country located in North West England. Gareth Barry, Wayne Rooney, and Emile Heskey call the city of Cheshire home, and you can expect properties to be valued at the average of 10 million euros. As Cheshire as a population of nearly 1 million residents, it is mostly rural with small towns and villages that support agriculture, silk, Cheshire cheese, chemicals and salt.


As the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh has the most expensive street in Scotland; the average cost of a home in Edinburgh is 1.68 million euros. Edinburgh also offers 10 of the most expensive streets in all of Scotland. It is also home to the Scottish Parliament and Scotland’s seat of the monarchy. The town is also the annual location for the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and home to the National Museum of Scotland, Scottish National Gallery, and the National Library of Scotland.

St Albans, South East

Properties in St. Albans cost an average of 3,227 euros per square meter – which is double the average of homes in the UK. Located in the city in Hertfordshire, St Albans lies 19 miles from London. The town was the first major town on the Watling Street, which then became the Roman city of Verulamium.

This rural market town is known for numerous historical inns as well as a Christian pilgrimage site.

Alderley Edge

With a population rate of 4,400, there are about 350 million in the town of Alderley Edge. Located just 15 miles south of Manchester, Alderley Edge is well known for its affluence and expensive homes. Premier League footballers, multimillionaire business people, and actors are all attracted to the town. It is considered to be the most affluent town, especially Whitebarn Road which is the most expensive street in the UK. Alderley Edge is one of the most sought-after cities to live in outside of London.


The average home costs nearly 14 times more than the city’s average salary. With homes costing as high as 515,000 euros, London is the most expensive city. However, the capital does include higher wages. London is referred to as the metropolis as the leading global city in arts, education, commerce, media, fashion, and tourism.


The average home costs about 13 times more than the city’s average salary. As the University City, the population includes more than 25,000 students. Since 2007, the price of housing has risen faster than any city in the UK. The average home in this university town is nearly 350,000 euros. The city’s state is less than an hour away from London’s iconic King’s Cross railway station.

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