Below is a list of resources we have compiled that we think may help you on your journey to find the ideal property for you. Here you will find plenty of information on property investments in the UK, included real estate agencies, features, news and other estate-related services. – Homes by the sea offers listings of properties advertised near the sea with sea views and water frontage.

s1 – The Move Channel offers information on property investments in the UK to rent and for sale, including real estate agents directory, features, news and other estate-related services.

s2 – Fly to let delivers the latest news and information on property investment in countries including the following Spain, France, America, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Croatia, Canada, Bulgaria.

s3 – Commercial Properties UK offers directory listings of regional estate agencies all over the United Kingdom.

s4 – House and Son is a real estate agency based in Bournemouth. The site offers a list of properties for rent and sale in Winton and Bournemouth areas.

s5 – At Bruntwood Estates, you will find commercial property agents specializing in rental, sales and leases of office, bar, and spaces of leisure in Liverpool, Birmingham, and Manchester.

s6 – This house is for sale lists a directory of real estate agents in South West England and Wales.

s7 – Contains a large selection of real estate property in the Avon and Bath area, including a local resource page for extra references.


Check out these sites to help you find the dream property you’re looking for that the price you can afford.