Bitcoin In Real Estate: Buying Houses With The New Cryptocurrency

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If you’re interested in real estate, you know that it’s no secret that Bitcoin is becoming more and more dominant. Actually, this currency is so popular right now, that real estate industry is seriously considering the fact that they should adopt bitcoin as the main form of payment when it comes to buying homes. But, the situation wasn’t always great for the Bitcoin. In order for you to understand why, we will hit you up with some history.

Bitcoin In RealEstate History

We will travel back in time, approximately three and a half years ago. To be more precise, it was October of 2013 when Phillip Preuss started to appear in several newspapers because of his statement that he will gladly accept Bitcoin offers in exchange for his luxury, $800.000 worth home back in Southhampton. But, he didn’t say this on accident, of course. This was all part of his tactic, that was supposed to bring more International buyers to him.

Sadly for him, that didn’t go exactly as he planned. The reason for that is the fact that people weren’t that familiar with Bitcoin, especially in real estate industry. If some of you readers aren’t really sure about what Bitcoin is, it’s basically a form of digital currency. And boy is this currency something special. It has spread over many markets, you can learn more about it here :

What Is Bitcoin?

The fascinating thing about Bitcoin is that it’s still growing, but, still, it somehow manages to completely rock the jungle that is the financial world. The most “hated” thing about Bitcoin is that it isn’t a physical currency. You can’t touch it, can’t smell it, can’t feel it. And that’s the thing that bothers most people.

When you think a little more about it, that’s actually a good thing. You don’t have to worry that you’ll lose it or that someone will steal it. It’s just bunch of public and private keys, but, very valuable ones. Don’t get confused, the “keys” are just a fancy word for huge strings of letters and numbers that are somehow linked using mathematical algorithms. These keys are actually what makes Bitcoin so special, it gives you complete anonymity. You can look at the public key as your bank account or credit card, and private key can be compared to ATM pin.

Currently, there are almost 3 million different things that you can buy using just Bitcoin, one of these things being real estate. There are sites made especially for Bitcoin, and one of the most popular ones is Bitpremier. This site allows you to buy or sell some pretty luxury items. So, if real estate agents decide that this is a good thing for their industry, no one will be able to do anything about it. Everyone wants to earn more money, even if this means that we need to make some risky decisions.

Buying Houses With Bitcoin

If you’re really interested in buying a house using Bitcoin, I think you will find platform Bitcoin Real Estate really interesting. If you’re familiar with the application Zillow, you will find this platform very similar to it. Both of them have some serious real estate listings and the bonus is that all the prices are converted to Bitcoin Currency.

In order for you to list a home, all you need to do is to go through a simple registration process that doesn’t take up a lot of your time. After you’ve registered, you can publish your precious property for everyone to see and decide if they want to buy it. Another great thing about this platform is that you can find various homes, from the luxurious ones to the ones with the reasonable price. Long story short, there’s something for everyone.

Economy: The Best Bitcoin Real Estate Choices

For you to have a better understanding of what I’m talking about, I will give you an example. For instance, if you have a bit deeper pockets with about 750 Bitcoins, you can find amazing villas to purchase. But, if you’re not so lucky, and you have somewhere in between 15-30 Bitcoins, you can buy a piece of land without anything on it. So when you buy it, you can build anything you want.

To be honest, there are even cheaper properties on this platforms, from Mexico to India. So, if you’re interested in buying some of them, feel free to visit Bitcoin Real Estate, where you can find more than 23 pages of listing that are for sale. To conclude all of this, Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular in every financial aspect, even real estate. All we need to do is accept that fact that this is a good thing and that we should take a leap and embrace this because it will make a lot of things simpler in the future.

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