10 Best places to Retire in the UK


Are you close to reaching the end of your career and moving forward to retirement? Perhaps you’re looking for a new place to resettle and start fresh as you live your new life in retirement.

Here are the ten best places to retire in the UK.

Christchurch, Dorset

Known as the “Retirement capital of England,” Christchurch has a population of nearly 30% retirees. The town is also a popular tourist destination with stunning sceneries, beaches, harbors, historic buildings, and nature preserves.

The city of Christchurch rests along the rivers Stour and Avon. The harbor is filled with flocks of ducks and beautiful boats. There you can spend your days taking leisure strolls through the streets that are lined with cafes, specialty shops, and cottages that are ideal for sightseeing. Christchurch also holds some events, especially during the warm summer months.

North Norfolk

If you’re looking to live in the countryside but dream of living near the coastline, North Norfolk gives you the best of best worlds as you will find plenty of things to do things the day, from taking a leisurely walk through the North Norfolk Heritage Coast path, visit the latest exhibit at the Muckleburgh Military Museum, or watch the waves dance at Blakeney point.

This charming village spreads through the coastline as its general line of shops, art galleries, and cafes. Many residents are also staying in North Norfolk as a summer getaway for their families.

West Somerset

West Somerset is a romantic rural community in with the highest resident average age of 52. More than half the town makes up part of the Exmoor National Park, an area that used to be a royal hunting forest for British elites. The Churches date back to the medieval times as so much history and natural beauty is available in every view.


While Craven is rather rural for the most part, this North Yorkshire district is rich in culture with famous market towns that can be found throughout the countryside of Craven. Skipton, winner of the Academy of Urbanism is known for the greatest street and the best market day out in Yorkshire’s Post.

The town is an easy three-hour train trip to London. Crime is virtually non-existent as Craven was ranked the lowest 3% of district crimes for all of England.

Wokingham, Berkshire

The community of Wokingham, Berkshire offers residents all sorts of events for leisure, arts, and music. The location is also an excellent choice as the town is close to the big city of London and easy to travel to remote countryside. The town is a favorite among athletes as the city has multiple public parks, a cricket club, and other sporting teams.

East Dorset

For urban retirees who are looking to be near the sea, East Dorset offers the seaside, dining, and shops. This is the perfect town if Cornwall is too far away from your family or for traveling to London.

Derbyshire Dales

Derbyshire Dales has one of the lowest annual levels of rainfall in the UK. The Monsal trail covers 20 km from Buxton to Bakewell, as the trail is accessible to joggers, riders, and bikers. Here you will be able to explore the endless specialty shops and locally grown produce in the markets.


Considered as the “Best city to live in the UK,” Cardiff is highly ranked above home prices, salaries and even overall happiness levels of residents. Cardiff also has the lowest cost of living as nearly 1430 euros, roughly $2220 per month.

As a first port city, Cardiff offs a variety of attractions of sports, nightlife, ballet, theater, opera and other international musical acts. The town is quite walkable as residents get by without the use of a car by foot or bike.

South Gloucestershire

Located in Southwest England, the city of South Gloucestershire sits on the southern bank of the river Severn. Here, retirees can take boat rides to the river and train rides for leisure along the Avon valley railway. The town has roughly 55% retirees.

You will never get bored as there are plenty of tea rooms and shops in nearby market towns like Marshfield and Thornbury.

West Devon

If you appreciate scenic routes, West Devon comprises nearly half of the Dartmoor National Park. The tow’s mining site is a luxurious destination for history lovers as they offer engine houses, underground mines, ports, and old foundries. If you’re a lover of nature, Roadford Lake offers almost 750 acres of fishing, bird watching, and water sports.

Which city is your favorite? Let us know what you think!

Infographic by: www.friendslife.co.uk
Infographic by: www.friendslife.co.uk

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